Jan-84 RB 101, wild rose rose pale blue rose  
Jan-84 RB 102, apple blossom smoke/white smoke smoke  
Jan-84 RB 103, apple blossom white/peach grey/smoky peach autumn  
Jan-84 RB 104, orchid purple/white blue grey plum?  
Jan-84 RB 105, japanese iris white/lavender blue-willow-green parchment  
Jan-84 RB 106, morning glory cobalt blue wheat royal  
Jan-84 RB 107, bearded iris smoke white smoke  
Jan-84 RB 108, bearded iris autumn black autumn  
Jan-84 RB 109, daffodil white/wheat mauve/spice spice  
Jan-84 RB 110, eucalyptus leaves pale plum/aqua black pearl grey  
Jan-84 RB 111, calla lily white black parchment  
Jan-84 RB 112, daylily rose mauve rose  
Jan-84 RB 113, tigerlily autumn grey-green (wht.option) autumn  
Jan-84 RB 114, bearded iris grape spice grape  
Jan-84 SB 115, bearded iris mauve rose periwinkle/peachy rose rose  
Jan-84 SB 116, wild rose rose celadon rose  
Jan-84 SB 117, bearded iris peach peach peach  
Jan-84 SB 118, bearded iris rose rose rose  
Jan-84 SB 119, bearded iris wht./pale accents of grape & rose white parchment  
? SB 120, nasturtium autumn/golden peach spice spice  
Jan-85 BL 200, peony dusty rose/mauve   rose  
Jan-85 BL 201, tigerlily see RB113      
Jun-85 BL 202, poppy wild plum/garnet white (black option) wild plum  
Jan-85 BL 203, bouquet pink roses;lilac irises;yellow lilies white mauve (lt.yellow option)  
Jan-85 BL 204, fish gold/orange fish blue/green/aqua sea    
Jan-85 BL 205, japanese poetry   white teal  
  BL 205-1 peach/spice none peach  
  BL 205-2 blue-greens/pinks/lavenders none spruce  
  BL 205-3 grey/red/black none parchment  
Jun-85 SP 206, peach yellow iris   black peach  
Jun-85 SP 207, pansy periwinkle/burgundy/yellow/lavender   peach  
Jun-85 SP 208, hibiscus peach/salmon, white highlights   autumn (white option)  
floral allison atwill: aa raymond markow: ray
apl apple blossom anne collinson / fitch: ac; af; afc richard lane:  
bbr baby's breath alvero suman: as michael adcock:  
bot botanical barbara rose: br john cliff (clift?): jc
bot_col botanical/columbine christine adcock: ca bob osif: ro
bot_lyd botanical/day lily dorie knight / hutchinson: dk; dkh don tate: dt
bou bouquet darcy neal: dn    
car carnation elena dhyansky: ed    
col columbine gary ba-han: g; gbh    
cro crocus itoko takeuchi: it    
daf daffodil (jonquil) jim hardman: jh, jmh    
fox foxglove kat corcoran: kat    
fre freesia kathleen crea: kc    
fuc fuchsia laurie cosca / lauren mesa: lc; lec; lm    
ger geranium laurie linn / ball: ll; llb    
gld gladiola michelle foster: mf    
h2o watercolor mary favero: mf; mef    
hib hibiscus margaret gilson: mg    
irb bearded iris nancy looker: nl    
ird dutch iris peggy brogan: pb    
irj japanese iris raymond markow: ray, rm    
lup lupine shannon sargent: ss    
lyc calla lily suzanne tormey: st    
lyd daylily william pasini: wp    
lyf fortnight lily susan dray: zetta    
lyt tiger lily        
lytr trumpet lily        
lyv lily of the valley        
lyw waterlily        
mag magnolia        
mgl morning glory        
nar narcissus        
orc cimbidium orchid        
pan pansy        
pin pinecone        
pop poppy        
ros rose        
row wild rose        
swp sweet pea        
tul tulip        
vio violet        
cat cat(s)        
bfy butterfly        
brd bird        
crs carousel        
frg frog        
fsh fish        
hum hummingbird        
mic mice        
par parrot        
peg pegasus        
pen penguin (AS)        
tou toucan        
uni unicorn        
exp experimental        
nbl night blossom        
swl swirl        

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